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Be Kind or Be Quiet

Richard Speight Jr. made a beautiful speech at the Supernatural Convention in Chicago on September 11th. 

The main message was "Be Kind or Be Quiet", and it had a big impact on our Fluffy Shirt design team. Claudia decided to make a shirt design and take it to Richard at the Dallas convention the following weekend. She gave Richard his shirt, had one signed for a charity event, and asked him if he would support FluffyShirts selling the shirts for Charity. And sure enough, he gave us his blessing. He wants the money to go to a Veteran or First Responder Charity. 

After some Research we decided that 50% of each T-Shirt sale will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation as it was very important to us, that the charity had low administrative costs and that most of the money will go to the programs.

We also would like to thank Carry On on Facebook for posting the Video.

Here is the Video of his Speech:


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